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Apple Peel Jelly


Yes, I made jelly from apple peels…

After making apple sauce a few days ago, I wondered if I could make jelly with the cores and peels. And guess what? Yes, I could and did! There is natural pectin to be had, I tell you! I didn’t need to add any at all. I just took those peels and cores, put them in a sauce pan and added enough water to cover, and let it simmer for about half an hour. Then I poured it all into a strainer over a medium bowl, and returned the liquid right back into the pot. I gave it a dash of lemon, sugar and cinnamon, stirred it again, put my candy thermometer into it and let it cook to the jelly temp of 220F.

It takes a while to get anything that hot, so while I was waiting I sterilized a few jars and rings and lids, and got everything ready. It reduced down about half, and I got a little more than two jars of the best jelly ever, from peels and cores!! Seriously, this was one of the better ideas I’ve had lately, so I just had to share.

So when you come back with your ginormous haul of apples from Julian’s “Apple Days”, now you know what to do with the scraps! Then you can compost (preferably) or toss.

~Susan (yes, this was posted earlier in the week, twice for some reason. When I tried to delete the 2nd one they both left)