Welcome to Ramona …

I had no idea I’d have so many critters come to visit before moving to Ramona last winter. This is great! One day my husband told me, shortly after we moved in, that he ran into a traffic jam a few blocks away. I was sort of surprised, till he added that it was a flock of turkeys crossing the road. He said it took a few minutes for the 2 dozen or so to cross, so he sat there in stunned silence. I think that’s a pretty cool kind of traffic jam…  ~Susan

These turkeys are common around Ramona


Can you tell which one is the real bunny?

Ok, just kidding, but seriously, I could not have set this photo up in a million years. There I was, as usual working at my desk in my home office/living room, when I looked out the window that just happens to be conveniently placed for daydreaming purposes, directly in front of me. I keep my camera on my desk, thank goodness, just in case. ~Susan

How cool is this? Ramona just rocks, love it here…